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What is C1 Driver Training?

Category C1 Training is needed for driving vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 Tonnes (GVW)

Who needs to take the C1 Driving Test?

Prior to 1st Jan 1997, this category was automatically awarded to all drivers passing their Car Driving test   ( category B). Most people refer to this entitlement as "Grandfather Rights" or in official circles as "Acquired Rights" to drive a vehicle with a GVW of up to 7.5 Tonnes.
Since that time anyone passing their Car Driving test after 1st Jan, 1997, was issued with a Driving License without this license category on it. The category is referred to as C1, it is a sub category of the Class C LGV driving entitlement. Upon passing an official DSA C1 Driving Test you will have the right to drive this category of vehicle.  A person can only supervise a learner in the C1 category if they have themselves taken a
test in that category.  "Implied rights" to accompany learners were withdrawn in April 2010.

"I completed a C1 driving course with AJM Transport Training.  The Instructor was very friendly and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and gave me all the help and tuition to pass the test time.  Their teaching style definitely works.  The vehicle was perfect for learning in and ideal for C1 training.  I would not hesitate to recommend AJM Transport Training to anyone wishing to pursue a career in professional driving.  Thank you AJM for getting me one step closer to my dream of being a Paramedic"

Kate Robinson.

Why do you need this C1 Entitlement?

There could be several reasons why you require this vocational license upgrade, you may need this license category to drive a privately owned horsebox for personal use or you may wish to gain this license category for professional work requirements. If you are considering completing your C1 Driver Training to commence a career as an Emergency Services Paramedic you will need this license entitlement on your license as well.

Steps to gaining your full C1 License Entitlement.

Obtain a Vocational License Pack from our getting started page, The pack you receive will contain the D2 (you complete) and D4 forms (Doctor completes) you are required to fill out and process for your Provisional Entitlement for Category C1.
Make an appointment to see your GP or follow the link from our homepage for a discounted medical . (You can go to any GP to have your LGV Medical Form D4 completed). The Medical is basic Health Check obtaining and verifying your Medical History for the DVLA to process your application, for your C1 Provisional Entitlement.
Fill out the D2 Provisional Entitlement Application form for the DVLA.
Place all the relevant documents including both parts of your license, the D2 and D4, appropriate identification (see instructional leaflet in the pack) into the envelope provided in the Complimentary pack and send it off to the DVLA to be processed. This can take up to 10 days.
Whilst your Provisional Entitlement is being processed, we recommend you start your preparation for your theory and hazard perception tests.

Contact us to discuss whether you are exempt or not from CPC Modules 2 & 4.

Theory Test.

Module 1. Part 1 Multiple Choice, Part 2 Hazard Perception ( can be taken on the same day one after another with module 2)  
Module 2. Driver CPC Theory Test Case Studies (Not needed for ambulance driving) 

Practical Test.

Module 3. Current Vocational Practical Driving Test  
Module 4. Driver CPC Practical Test(includes the automated issue of Driver Qualification Card (Not needed for ambulance driving)

Upon successful completion of your Theory Modules you can start your C1 Driver Training immediately.

C1 Driver Training Courses.

We currently run 3, 4 and 5 day C1 Driver Training Courses depending on your current level of driving and knowledge of driving large vehicles.
We always recommend a pre course driving assessment to asses how much Driver training you require. If you are unsure
contact the office on.. 0151 200 2200 or 07966 507 283 to discuss your personal requirements.

C1+E Driver Training Courses.

There is no theory test required for this category of vehicle, as you already hold the C1 category you can gain this Lorry and Trailer entitlement
through one of our 3, 4 and 5 day C1+E Driver Training Courses, The C1+E test is identical to that of the original C1 test with the addition of a trailer and an extra exercise to undertake. The C1+E test itself is no different than if you were taking this test in a full size Articulated Lorry. The same high standard of driving is the same, only the weight and size of he vehicle differ. The courses are designed to meet the needs of all 7.5 tonne Lorry Drivers, from the novice towing trailers for the first time up to the experienced driver wishing to gain this license category.  

Residential C1 and C1+E Training Courses..

We provide C1 and C1+E training courses from our depot in Birkenhead. Trainees can combine their Driver Training with a short break. Accommodation can be arranged by us for the duration of your training at a local Bed and Breakfast.

"Thanks for getting me through my C and C+E training" I have learned such a lot in a short space of time from AJM Transport Training...Their attention to detail is very impressive..  "Calling AJM Training was the best move that I could have made to kick start my new truck driving career."

 Chris Carrington

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